Pro-se Power Training - The 5 Hour Law School For Pro-se Litigants

Why Pro-Se Power Training? What is it? and How can it help me?

These are perhaps the most common questions posed about PRO-SE POWER TRAINING. To truly understand the WHY of  PRO-SE POWER TRAINING, its important to understand what being PRO-SE means and how it relates to you. "Pro-Se" is a Latin term meaning for one's self. Essentially, this is a constitutional right we all enjoy,  arising from the 6th Amendment "right to have legal counsel"  that has been extended into the civil courts. Like all great rights, it comes with an equally great responsibility.......that of representing yourself competently, as to quote Abraham Lincoln, "he who represents himself has a fool for a client." For better or for worse, we have come a long way from the days when people lived far from each other in log cabins, a handshake was a binding contract and a man's word was his bond. In today's fast paced society, filled with social media, extensive governmental regulation and complicated laws that are literally millions of pages deep, it seems virtually impossible to get through an ordinary day without having a lawyer stuffed in each pocket. Even every day tasks like getting Cable TV, leasing an apartment or buying a car, require intimate understanding of multi-page contracts written by corporate lawyers in tiny type with "special provisions" on the back in even tinier type and waivers of every legal right imaginable. It goes without saying that our access to lawyers and useful legal information, as ordinary people, has not kept pace with society's need, with the costs of litigating even small claims cases skyrocketing into often tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. In fact, it seem that as time passes, the information gap gets wider and wider, ironically replacing lack of access to such information with an insurmountable  tidal wave of it through internet access. Today's Pro-Se litigant is now confronted with trying to distill thousands of pages of opinions, comments, and documents even to understand the most basic legal concepts. Sadly, as the costs of litigation spiral out of control, most people are left to flounder around in a legal system that tolerates them, rather than embraces them. Worse, they are often preyed upon by billion dollar corporations in a lawsuit version of David vs. Goliath, where unlike the biblical tale, David is still trying to figure out how a sling actually works and Goliath has an army of lawyers instead of club. Anyone that has been involved as a homeowner in a foreclosure case, a contested divorce, child support or custody case, been sued by any number of shady credit card debt collectors, or dealt with the eviction process whether as landlord or tenant, will attest to this fact. Its simply not fair ......but this is why is called "legal system" and not "the fair system" and one has to wonder if "Justice" is really served as opposed to "Just Us" being served.

During my  journey of over twenty-five (25) years of involvement in the legal system I have had the unique opportunity to observe "the system" from a variety of perspectives ranging from pro-se litigant, to elected arbitrator, teen court judge, trial attorney, appellate attorney, mediator, advocate, and counselor in cases ranging from small claims court all the way to successful constitutional challenges in the Florida Supreme Court. Perhaps the most difficult and distressing circumstance as I have experienced as a trial lawyer is dealing with the fact that so many people involved in the litigation process  simply do not have the legal knowledge or training to represent themselves in court, but are forced to do so because they cannot afford the legal services they so desperately need. Even worse, is the fact that it's virtually impossible for lawyers to provide "tidbits" of help or guidance mostly because it's the equivalent of simply putting a band-aid on an amputated limb or for fear of being a scapegoat for the desperate. This leaves good people in a bad situation to resort to "jail house" lawyers, unlicensed "para-legals" , internet "talking heads" or "fill in this or that form" websites for help. Sadly most got what they paid for, and truly pay dearly for it . After many many years and thousands of client interviews, heated discussions and watching helplessly time and time again as pro-se litigants self destructed in court, it became apparent to me that there had to be something better, some common ground where pro-se litigants could get the help they need, something that would empower pro-se litigants to enforce their rights and do so properly. Then it dawned on me,.............. in any situation where the little guy is at a disadvantage, there is strength in numbers. If we could find a way to teach lots of people at the same time, we could make learning about the litigation process not only more effective, but more way more affordable. With this concept ....PRO-SE POWER TRAINING was born.

How can PRO-SE POWER TRAINING help you? Simple. For less than the cost of a single one (1) hour consultation with an average lawyer, you will be able to attend a full day five (5) hour seminar focused on teaching you what you need to know about representing yourself in court with confidence and competence. More importantly, the small investment in a PRO-SE POWER TRAINING seminar will save you thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, because what you learn in our seminars can never be taken from you, has no expiration date, and can be used over and over and over again. Unlike a "free consultation" where the lawyer spends the time describing what he can do for you, and the associated cost of doing it, or deciding whether your case is worth it to him, PRO-SE POWER TRAINING seminars are specifically tailored to provide YOU the framework to be YOUR OWN LAWYER. From legal decision making to legal research, from filing lawsuits to responding to them, from using discovery to build a case to protecting your privacy, you will learn the skills and information that no internet blog, no form book and no quickie or freebie legal consultation can provide. Most importantly you will get this information from real lawyers that have been there and done that, not people that watched it happen or read about it in a book. No more calling lawyer after lawyer to be told your case isn't big enough, isn't worth enough, isn't fancy enough, that you don't have enough money or the other side has too much money,  or begging lawyer after lawyer for free representation or a pro-bono handout. With PRO-SE POWER TRAINING we help you get your power back. The power to stand up to greedy banks taking advantage of you in foreclosure cases, the power to keep greedy credit card companies from scamming you with default judgments, the power to better protect yourself and you children in family law cases, the power to stop that slumlord from evicting you with bogus claims or stealing your security deposit,  the power to do something about that mechanic that ripped you off with shoddy repair work, the power to evict those tenants skimming you on rent, the power to stand up for yourself and proudly show that you can.



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